Australian Car Brands

In Australian car brands Toyota, Ford Holden are very popular. The Australian automobile industry was established in Australia in the 20th-century by opening Australian plants by international producers. Ford Motor Company of Australia was the first car-maker in Australia, and the first Australian automobile manufactured by Holden in 1948. Australia’s automotive production rose about half a million in the 1970s And over 400,000 in 2004. All manufacturer in top Australian Cars brands list is well-known for designing and producing high-quality cars.

Since 2015 Australian cars have been manufactured by the Holden and Ford Australia’s General Motors, while Toyota Australia operates a wide range of international products, especially Toyota Camry. However, Ford Australia’s automotive vehicles and car vehicles are closed in October 2016 and Holden and New Zealand plants will be closed by the end of 2017. Australian Ford Locations and Development Buildings are still operating and expanding, from Australia as one of the only few countries With the ability to design and develop cars in the market from the beginning.

Current Australian Car Brands Name List

There are currently two major automobile manufacturers in Australia, but both manufacturers announced the completion of Australia’s production in 2017. Toyota says you can return if conditions are correct, and Mahindra has also suggested that you try to renew the Australian Automotive Industry. Following is the top Australian car makers list with Name and Logos.

Holden Logo

Holden Car Logo

Holden : GM Holden Ltd is an Australian automaker based in Port Melbourne, Victoria. The company was founded in 1856 as a saddlery business, but later moved to the automobile field, becoming a subsidiary of General Motors (GM) in 1931. Holden has taken over the GM vehicle operations in Australasia and , on behalf of GM partial ownership of GM Korea in South Korea. Over the years, Holden has offered a wide range of original, locally produced vehicles, complemented by imported GM models.

In the past, Holden has offered models of Chevrolet, Isuzu, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and Vauxhall Motors designed by the flagship in shared agreements, with currently sold Daewoo, Opel and Isuzu-sourced models. Holden also has a performance vehicle partner, Holden Special Vehicles, which markets modified Holdens under the HSV brand. In December 2013, Holden announced that it would end its local manufacturing operations in Australia on October 20, 2017.

Toyota Logo

Toyota Car Logo

Toyota : Toyota Motor Corporation in Australia, or Toyota Australia, is a Toyota Motor Corporation subsidiary, in Japan. TMCA began in 1958, and TMCA markets Toyota products and controls the cars, advertising and business operations of the Toyota Motor Corporation in Australia.

TMCA also faces Lexus cars in Australia. On February 10, 2014, the Toyota announced that October 3, 2017, would stop producing cars and engines in Australia.

Chrysler Logo


Chrysler : Chrysler left the Australian automotive market in 1981 when selling the remaining share of Chrysler Australia Ltd to the Japanese Motor Corporation in Japan. The new owner renamed the company Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd and the company continues to work today as one of the Australian highway costs. However, the production of home passenger councilors was closed in March 2008. During the 1970’s, Crysler began working with the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation after earning 15% interest in the company in 1971, because Cussler Australia began to build a Mitsubishi -Chrysler e-Mitsubishi-cars such as Chrysler Valiant Galant and Chrysler Sigma.

The Canley Park plant was sold to the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and was underway by Mitsubishi Motors Australia after Chrysler released Australia’s production in 1980. Sigma and Colt’s famous automobile production continued under the name of Mitsubishi until the late 1980’s, when the production was changed only to Magna.

Mitsubishi Logo

Mitsubishi Car Logo

Mitsubishi : Australian Mitsubishi Motors is a full-time supplier of the Japan Mitsubishi Motors Corporation company. Mitsubishi Australian administrative headquarters is located in Tonsley Park (Clovelly Park, South Australia), with branch offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

The Tonsley Park site was a collection of MMAL car, closed in March 2008 when the purchase of a large 380 Toyota auction confirmed that the production of a home car would no longer work.

Nissan Logo

Nissan Car Logo

Nissan : Nissan started collecting cars in 1966 when Pressed Metal Corporation started a meeting of Datsun Bluebird 1300. However, this only ended after year after year, but in 1968 Motor Producers Ltd. Melbourne began to integrate Datsuns and his Clayton plant. In 1971 vehicles collected in the area had to comprise 1200 and 1600 saloons, at least 60% of the parts contained in the area. Continuous sales until 1976 were signed by the Motors Producers.

The Nissan Motors themselves use the Clayton factory to build small cars with a cylinder after 1973 oil pressures. Australian models include iPsar, Pintara, and Skyline. At the end of the 1980’s, Nissan suffered financial difficulties and eventually closed off his Australian plants in 1992, becoming a car dealer later.

Renault Logo

Renault Car Logo

Renault : Renault (Australia) Pty Ltd was established in the late 1950’s to organize the distribution of Renault ships in Australia. In August 1966 Renault Australia purchased the buildings of the Continental Assembly and the General Distributors in Heidelberg, Victoria.

The models including Renault 10, 12, 16 and 18 were combined and the company also entered into a Paris car dealer. Australian production ended with the closure of the Heidelberg plant in July 1981 and LNC Industries and then imported and distributed Australian Renaults. Since 2012, Renault cars are sold in Australia by Georgia Distributors Australia, the full service of Nissan Australia.

Volkswagen Logo

Volkswagen Car Logo

Volkswagen : Volkswagen Australia Ltd was built in 1957 by Volkswagen AG of Germany and the Australian state Volkswagen distributors. The company acquired Martin & King’s properties in Clayton, Victoria, where the Volkswagen Beetle site was used since 1954.

In 1960, the Clayton panel was installed, and in 1967 the parts were produced. Due to the sale of goods, the work was renewed only at the convention in 1968. The new company, the Motor Producers Limited, has been developed and implemented by Datsun and Volkswagen models and Volkswagens. The factory was sold in Nissan in 1976 and Australia’s Volkswagens convention ended immediately.

Australian Car Brands Logo

Australian Car Brands Logo